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Webinar Plus: Behavioural medicine in general veterinary practice 2022

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4 weeks
Webinar (Online)
£379.00 (See Description)
Online / Distance Learning Course

Monday 14th February to Sunday 13th March 2022 


Key Areas

  • Emotional motivations and their behavioural consequences
  • The interplay between emotional and physical health
  • Developing emotional intelligence in companion animals
  • Optimising emotional health during the veterinary visit
  • Understanding the role of medication in behavioural medicine
  • Understanding the role of pheromones and nutraceuticals in behavioural medicine

About this course

Emotional health impacts on physical health

Emotional health impacts on physical health and is important when investigating client’s concerns about their pet’s behaviour. It therefore needs to be considered during the veterinary visit and when managing and treating everyday medical issues within general practice. The interplay between emotional and physical health has been highlighted in conditions such as Feline Idiopathic Cystitis, but the importance of considering both emotional and physical factors is relevant to a wide range of clinical conditions including endocrine disease, gastrointestinal and dermatological conditions and pain.

Emotional health is also important in relation to the potential behavioural manifestations of emotional challenge both within the practice setting and at home.

This course will explore the concepts of emotional and cognitive health and their relationship with physical health. The role of the veterinary practice in safeguarding the emotional health of their patients will be explored and the importance of considering emotional health when managing and treating everyday medical issues will be considered.

Why do this course?
This course will highlight the importance of understanding emotional health in the context of general veterinary practice and give you greater insight into this vitally important aspect of veterinary practice.

The webinars for this course will be pre-recorded and can be viewed as recorded versions throughout the course. A live Q&A session with the tutor will run on the following dates at 2pmLondon time.

Live Q&A dates:
Wednesday 16th February 
Wednesday 23rd February
Wednesday 2nd March
Wednesday 9th March  


RCVS and EBVS® European Specialist in Behavioural Medicine
Behavioural Referrals Veterinary Practice, Chester

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