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Managing Pain

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100 hours over 16 weeks
Postgraduate (Online)
Health Professionals
Online / Distance Learning Course

This module tries to make sense of many of the political changes that have taken place in the health service over the last decade and considers how they have impacted on modern cancer practice. More critically, this will consider the influence of guidelines on our own practice and the assessments will focus on your critical analysis skills in the review of a framework document and the drafting of a guideline for your own practice environment.

Pain is something we all want to avoid. It touches every aspect of an individuals life when a patient experiences prolonged pain. It impinges upon the lives of those surrounding the sufferer, and not only the families and carers, but also the healthcare professionals involved in the patients management. Sadly, pain is often undertreated and the reasons for this are multifactorial but even though good medication is available, the opioids remain underused because of fears and misconceptions that surround their use.

Module Aims:

• Confidently assess pain
• Confidently apply pain theories to pain syndromes encountered in their own area of practice.
• Differentiate between types of pain
• Critically evaluate a selection of pharmacological/non pharmacological methods of pain relief
• Discuss the multidisciplinary aspects of pain management
• Discuss the holistic impact of pain on the patient and family
• Reflect upon their own attitudes and attitudes of other members of the MDT to the patients in pain
• Critically evaluate outcome measures currently available to monitor the quality of pain
• Applies theories of pain management to own area of clinical practice

 We will consider many of the practical issues that face healthcare professionals in their interaction with cancer patients. This will cover the impact of the multidisciplinary team and the factors that require consideration in the dying patient.

We will consider how our practice influences the approaches to managing pain, or perhaps how we approach such problems within a framework that encourages multidisciplinary and inter-professional values. It will also review the basic science of the neurological system and the pharmacology of the analgesic agents.

We will evaluate the wider context of pain and the influence of society, ethnicity, age and cover discussion of difficult issues encountered in practice. If you do not have direct involvement in the management of pain in your own workplace.

By successfully completing this module you will be able to deal confidently with pain, its assessment and management.

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