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Hybrid Electrical Vehicles, Part 1: Introduction

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2 day course
Short Course
Intended for those who have only an outline knowledge of Hybrid Electrical Vehicles
Cranfield University, College Road, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Course overview


A two-day course intended for those who have only an outline knowledge of Hybrid Electrical Vehicles. The course will consist of a mix of lectures and case studies from both academic and industrial specialists in HEV technology plus vehicle demonstrations at one of the UK's foremost track test facilities.

Objectives: To provide managers and engineers with a broad understanding of Hybrid Electric Vehicle technology and its impact on both the global automotive industry and the environment.

Course description


Main themes  Over two days the course will provide:

  • the broad scenario and developmental road map
  • a detailed description of the main HEV powertrain architecture options including parallel, series, complex, through-the-road and plug-in plus the different levels of hybridisation; full, mild and micro that can be achieved
  • critical comparisons of HEVs with alternatives such as EVs and fuel cell systems
  • sustainability assessment of the environmental benefits of HEV technology including considerations of both legislative compliance and real-world experiences and economic aspects of HEVs
  • an overview of the current and expected growth of HEV activity within the industry and the technology requirements for consumer acceptance.


System & Component Overview

  • Powertrain architecture - parallel, series, micro, mild, plug-in etc.
  • Vehicle layout and packaging options.
  • Energy storage comparisons
  • Case studies.

Environmental Impact

  • Legislative performance (CO2, gas and particulate emissions).
  • Real world performance (off cycle, durability).
  • Sustainability assessment; cradle to grave environmental impact.

Industry Activity and Market Reaction

  • HEV market drivers and technology trends.
  • Customer acceptance of HEVs.
  • HEV technology commercialisation.

Vehicle Based HEV Performance Evaluation

  • Assessment of HEVs under track conditions at Millbrook Proving Ground.

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