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Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapies and Approaches

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One to two years
University of Exeter, School of Psychology, Washington Singer Laboratories, Perry Road, Exeter , EX4 4QG, Devon, United Kingdom

We offer a suite of postgraduate training programmes in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies and Approaches aimed at developing competence in established evidence-based applications, especially for the prevention of relapse in recurrent major depression, but also for other client groups in physical and mental healthcare settings.

Train with experts
All of our postgraduate training programmes in Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies and Approaches maintain an in depth focus on the underpinning theory and research, enhanced by the work carried out in the Mood Disorders Centre; a partnership between the University of Exeter and the National Health Service. The Centre has been offering MBCT as part of its clinical services since 2002. In addition to the training delivered by experts from the Mood Disorders Centre with an international profile in developing, researching and teaching mindfulness-based approaches, teaching is enhanced by external tutors skilled in MBCT and Mindfulness-based interventions.

The programmes have been set up and are run in collaboration with Gaia House; a centre for meditation, enquiry and compassion where you will attend retreats to cultivate your own personal mindfulness practice. You will benefit from the integral involvement of experienced Buddhist teachers exploring the lineage of mindfulness in Buddhist Psychology, and the teachers at Gaia House.

Our training places you at the heart of the community in a region with one of the largest networks of mindfulness practitioners and Buddhist teachers in the country.

Two training routes

Two training routes are available, which are related but differ in their emphasis and placement opportunities. The route that includes the PgDip Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapies is designed for individuals with a health background, including those who work in the NHS and other healthcare settings, who wish to teach mindfulness-based cognitive therapy in the health service; placements will be in healthcare settings. The route that includes the PgDip Mindfulness-Based Approaches has been developed for individuals from a non-health background, for example those who work in education, voluntary or forensic settings; this route will include engagement with tutors from a broader base who may work in non-healthcare settings and the placements will similarly be within non-healthcare settings.

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