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Modelling Hydrological Systems

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Short Course
Cranfield University, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

5 day course

Course overview

Change is an inherent characteristic of any natural environmental system. Recent increases in the rate, scale and complexity of human-environment interactions has reinforced the usefulness of simulation models as a means of predicting environmental change and of assessing the possible impacts on environmental systems. This course provides an introduction to the development and use of simulation models in hydrology.

Course description

  • the role of modelling: objectives and concepts, types of models, model components
  • modelling procedures: problem definition, boundary identification, data requirements, calibration and validation
  • designing a conceptual model: use of ModelMaker simulation software to implement a simple model
  • rainfall-runoff models: conceptual models, unit hydrograph models, mechanistic catchment models
  • sensitivity analysis, parameterisation, calibration, validation, and evaluation
  • case studies on the use of hydrological models
  • assignment: application of a model to investigate the impacts of change on catchment hydrology

On successful completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Design a simple conceptual model of any hydrological system.
  • Formally identify the structure of a model to represent a specified hydrological system.
  • Select between alternative approaches to catchment modelling.
  • Critically evaluate the usefulness of a model.
  • Design, construct and apply a hydrological model within ModelMaker to meet stated objectives.
  • Contribute effectively to a team through group work on a case study.
  • Develop strategies for resolving conflict within teams.
  • Manage time to work to deadlines.
  • Use reflective practice to review your own performance and that of others.
  • Develop technical report writing skills.

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