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Higher Certificate in Creative Action Methods in Individual and Group Therapy

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278 hours over 2 years
Counsellors and Therapists
Nationwide, UK, UK, Strathclyde, United Kingdom

The Northern School of Psychodrama is now recruiting students for its 2012/13 Training Programme.




Who is this for?

Qualified counsellors and therapists in other disciplines who want to develop creative action methods within their practice, but do not want to be qualified psychodramatists. It would suit people who are co-therapists with a psychodramatist, do not want to qualify as a psychodramatist but nevertheless would like to develop their skills and for whom this programme would be continued professional development and more satisfying than attending odd weekends.

An entry requirement would be that the person was already qualified in a therapeutic discipline: counselling, dramatherapy, art therapy, group analysis, or other psychotherapy such as CBT.

Trainees must be over 25 years of age and must have completed a minimum of 15 hours of psychodrama and/or sociodrama training experience before joining the Intermediate course. They must demonstrate that they are already qualified, registered, insured and practising in another modality of psychotherapy or counselling and are members of an appropriate professional body and be physically and emotionally able to fulfil the requirements of training and practice.


Applicants to this level of training will be interviewed by two trainers.

Content of the course:


The programme focuses primarily upon four subject areas;

  • Psychodrama theory and philosophy
  • Creative Action Methods in practice
  • Group process and sociometry
  • Psychodrama in individual therapy


The use of psychodramatic techniques:


Role Reversal,


Empty chair,

Surplus reality.


In much of the programme these elements are integrated and are experienced and studied as dimensions of the group learning process. However, reflection, analysis, discussion and study complement experiential learning and skills practice sessions.


The course will encourage the development of empathy, comprehension, compassion and awareness of the trainee’s own skills and limits.


Expected Learning Outcomes


By the end of the course trainees will:

  1. Have knowledge of Morenian theory and philosophy.
  2. Have developed a repertoire of creative action method skills.
  3. Have an awareness and understanding of ethical practice in psychodrama.
  4. Have developed their capacity for spontaneous, creative work.

Venues: normal NSP venues in Manchester, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and Cumbria.

The Award:

A Higher Level Certificate of Creative Action Method Skills in Therapy.

It will include the wording:

This certificate does not qualify the holder as a psychodrama psychotherapist.

Cost: £ 1995.00 a year.

Application forms are available from;

Aby Vulliamy, Administrator, The Northern School of Psychodrama, 20 Birklands Road, Shipley, BD18 3BY

[email protected]

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