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Aquatic Animal Nutrition and Food Safety-Distance Learning

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10 -15 hours per week for 7 weeks
Short Course (Online)
those who have an interest, professionally or otherwise, in aquaculture nutrition
Online / Distance Learning Course

Module description

This module gives you the chance to gain understanding of the principles of aquatic animal nutrition. This module covers the major nutritional needs of aquatic animals and feeding needs over a number of different aquaculture systems ranging from extensive and semi-intensive pond systems to intensive re-circulating and cage aquaculture systems in both temperate and tropical climes. Feed formulation, manufacture and practical husbandry provide relevant background. Against a climate of increasing consumer concerns about food safety, we address this hot topic as well as the concept of relative risk.

Learning Outcomes

  • Explain the limitations of present data and research in this field
  • Appraise published scientific data in a wider context.
  • Describe the nutritional requirements of aquatic animals and the role of nutrients in their growth and development.
  • Recognise the issues facing the development of appropriate feeds for extensive, semi-intensive and intensive aquaculture systems.
  • Discuss current trends in the nutrition of aquatic animals and sustainability issues within the sector.
  • Describe the emerging issues in consumer relations, food safety and standards.
  • Explain the role of fatty acids, particularly those of aquatic origin, in human nutrition and development.
  • Recognise the key issues in feeding and associated husbandry of larval finfish and crustacea including production of live feeds.

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