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Health Services Management

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Mon 7 February 2022
1 Semester (part time)
Postgraduate (Online)
Online / Distance Learning Course

Our Personal Professional Development (Public Health and Primary Care) courses meet the training needs of health professionals who are either interested in a career in public health or want to develop new skills in a specific area of public health, primary care or research methods.


Course overview

The course is aimed at professionals wishing to learn more about healthcare management from both the UK and Global perspective.

This course gives students the background needed to manage healthcare in different settings, effectively manage change, cope with uncertainty, and adjust to social, economic, environmental and scientific changes.

What service that you have received was high quality? Why? Do you provide a good service? How do you know? What is the best way to improve your service? These are the types of questions this course unit aims to help you answer.

This unit explores how management theories can help health service staff make improvements to the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of provision by developing the skills necessary to contribute to delivering a service and improving quality.

This is an interactive online course. Students must work through the online course material. Students are encouraged to use the Blackboard discussion boards to ask questions and check their understanding of the course material.



Topic 1: Managing self and teams. What does effectiveness mean in managing health services? This topic will look at self-management, including the skills and knowledge necessary to develop your management effectiveness and help you continue to manage effectively. It also covers how groups and teams work, how their performance can be improved, and how you can plan to meet the development needs of yourself and your team members.

Topic 2: Leadership. 
Values and Vision considers the values and practices that shape and influence organisations and how you can develop a vision for your work based on these values to help you lead a team. Why is it so difficult to explain to others what you want them to do and then get them to do what you want? How to become more successful at getting what you want! What other important "Leadership skills" does a successful leader need? These include negotiation, decision making and creativity.

Topic 3: Service users and managing information. 
This topic helps you to become more responsive to your customers by looking at the purpose of your organisation and how users can become involved in identifying desired service outcomes. The topic examines using this information as part of evidence and investigations to help management decision-making. It will also look at how to manage information by identifying what information is necessary, designing the appropriate investigations and collecting the evidence required through understand, applying and assessing data, information management, knowledge management and learning organisations.

Topic 4: Understand the environment and make sense of the situation in which you work.
 This topic looks at how and why the environment can change, and how this may affect your work. Sense making enables us to transform your understanding of the complexity of the world into a situation you can manage and helps you to decide what you want to do and how you should do it.

Topic 5: Planning and project management.
 Why are strategic and service planning needed? What are the frameworks within which plans have to be implemented and accountability maintained? Why do we have to wait so long for our appointment or our test results? Project management provides an introduction to the techniques available to organise and plan projects so that your plan can be completed within the timescale and the resources available.

Topic 6: Budgeting. 
This topic explores methods of setting a budget, how to work within a budget, and how to develop a business case. It also covers programme budgeting, a method for identifying the costs of providing services.

Topic 7: Managing Processes and programme evaluation.
 Do you know what the purpose of your organisation is? What are the outcomes it should be achieving? Is working harder the only way to improve your service? This topic shows you how to analyse activities, map processes to remove waste, and identify opportunities for improvements. The topic ends by studying programme evaluation.

Topic 8: Quality management. 
What does "quality" mean in your situation? This topic explores how to determine and improve service quality.

Topic 9: Working with standards. 
Why do so many people complain about the service they receive from their bank / railway / school / plumber / supermarket? What are standards? Why should they be used?

Topic 10: Consolidation - Managing Change.
 Bringing it all together, understanding yourself, teams, and your customers using the theories of leadership and management for healthcare improvement.


Start date:

Teaching begins on 7th February 2022 and runs for 1 semester.

Full details can be seen on our website:


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