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Veterinary Physiotherapy - An Introduction to Physiotherapy for the Orthopaedic Patient

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8 hours over 3 weeks
Short Course (Online)
Vets; Vet Nurses; Vet Techs; Students;
Online / Distance Learning Course

This course will help you to do more in practice to optimise the recovery of patients following orthopaedic surgery – in particular, patients that have undergone surgery for cruciate repair, spinal surgery and limb fractures.

Your learning on the course will provide a basic introduction that will enable vets and nurses in first opinion or referral practice, to learn some simple techniques that can be greatly beneficial to help optimise patient healing, maintain mobility, and improve comfort levels, as part of the multi-modal approach to rehabilitation.

We will look at the specific case considerations as well as the use of standard techniques such as effleurage and petrissage; passive range of movement exercises, stretching, improving proprioception and balance, and strength-building.

We will also look at the support we can offer to owners in caring for their pets after surgery, including exercise advice, and minor adaptations to the home that can help to maintain mobility for these patients and lessen the risk of injury or protracted recovery.

The skills that you will learn on this course will enable you to to set up basic post-operative management and rehabilitation clinics and provide a more thorough, rounded and rewarding service to your orthopaedic patients, and clients will appreciate this extra level of service you will be able to offer.

We will also help you to understand when referral to a qualified veterinary physiotherapist may be indicated.

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