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Database Security for Cyber Professionals

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Database refers to the organized collection of data that is stored and accessed electronically. Databases are mainly used to store and retrieve data for personal or corporate use. They are also used by organizations to make important corporate decisions and strategies. Customers can use corporate databases to collect data from their applications as well. Since most of the information and data are stored in databases, it is important to safeguard it from hackers and other cyber-attacks. If a hacker gains access to a database, all sensitive data and information present can be at risk. Therefore, necessary precautions should be taken in order to protect databases from attacks.

Hacking has become a global issue in this modern digital world. A hacker can change or delete all corporate or personal information once getting access to a computer system or database. Therefore, the need for cyber security has increased like never before. Many organizations have started to dedicate their time towards establishing a strong cyber security team within their organization. There are millions of cyber security job position openings globally as well. A career in cyber security is the perfect career option if you look for challenges, room for progression and a higher salary in a job position. This course in Database security for cyber professionals will help improve your eligibility to land a job position in the IT or cyber security field. This course will train you on how to mitigate database threats and to secure open source and commercial database platforms against modern threats and attack vectors. You will also learn about database core security, platform hardening, MySQL architecture, and exploits through this course. By the time you completed this course, you will know all about storage encryption, key management, big data, and so much more

Method of assessment

At the end of the course, you will have one assignment to be submitted (you need a mark of 65% to pass) and you can submit the assignment at any time. You will only need to pay £19 for assessment and certification when you submit the assignment. You will receive the results within 72 hours of submittal, and will be sent a certificate in 7-14 days if you have successfully passed.

Certification and awarding body

Those who successfully complete the course will be awarded the Database security for cyber professionals certificate by CPD & iAP. The qualification will make you valuable to employers, and your motivation at gaining new skills will be recognised.

Accrediting Bodies

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