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Data Mining for Practitioners

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1 day
Short Course
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Anyone interested in data mining and database marketing
Royal Statistical Society, 12 Errol Street, London, EC1Y 8LX, Greater London, United Kingdom

 The increasing use of computer technology in many areas of economic, scientific and social life is resulting in vast collections of digital data. These data pools can be used to obtain a higher quality of information than that obtained from simple database inquiries. This is where data mining comes in.

With data mining techniques, it is possible to "mine" data pools for "hidden" knowledge. Data mining provides a major competitive advantage in view of the key role played by knowledge and knowledge management in the development of future markets.

The course will provide an overview of data mining processes including critical success factors and practical examples.

Topics covered

Delegates will gain a basic understanding of Data Mining and its main methods, including Data Marts, Data Quality, Predictive Modelling, Scorecards and Association Analyses.

What is Data Mining? How does it differ from other analytical methods?

Data Mining methods - a general overview

The Data Mining process – how to find the “nuggets” in data

Practical example based on data from an SME Customer Loyalty Programme

Using Data Mining methods to predict buying probabilities

Using Data Mining methods to optimise cross-selling.

Target audience

Those working in Industry and Retail, whose work involves making predictions and analysing business trends based on internal data (for example from customer loyalty programmes); anyone interested in Data Mining and database marketing.

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