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Water Source Engineering

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Cranfield University
School of Applied Sciences
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Short Course
Cranfield University, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

5 day course 

Course overview
Community Water Supply and Advanced Irrigation Professionals need detailed knowledge of the design, constuction and management of water sources for domestic and agricultural use, as well as of the engineering of water pumping and piped distribution. This module therefore covers the engineering of rainwater, surface water and groundwater sources, water pumping and pipe systems.

Course description

  • water sources: rainwater harvesting for agricultural and domestic purposes; surface water storage with earth dams – site selection, dam site hydrology, design, construction; protected springs – principles, practices; wells and boreholes – design, construction.
  • pumping systems: human, solar and wind powered pumps for small scale irrigation and for domestic use; centrifugal and other rotodynamic pumps.
  • pipe systems for water conveyance: - hydraulic principles, design practices.

On successful completion of this module the delegate will be able to:

  1. Describe the principles and practices of rainwater harvesting systems for domestic and agricultural use, and design simple systems.
  2. Select sites for on-stream and off-stream water storage stuctures.
  3. Carry out hydrological estimates (catchment yield and flood flows) for proposed dam sites.
  4. Design small earth embankment dams and describe basic construction techniques and maintenance tasks.
  5. Be aware of the exploration and investigation techniques available for groundwater studies.
  6. Outline the design features of protected springs and infiltration galleries, and carry out detailed design of wells and boreholes for domestic and agricultural water supply.
  7. Design and/or select pumping systems for domestic and agricultural applications.
  8. Specify pumping systems and select pumps for water distribution

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