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Global Leadership for Women

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22 hours over 3 days
Short Course
This Global Leadership for Women program is designed for women business leaders at public and private companies, including senior corporate officers, executive business-unit leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs.
MarĂ­a de Molina 27, Madrid, 28006, Spain

Teamwork and diversity will be key topics during this program.  The diverse environments of today create both opportunities and challenges for top executives. Opportunities surface given the variety of perspectives and social capital that individuals bring to an organization. How you tap into those opportunities is key to your success as a leader.  The challenges, however, come from the potential conflicting values and stereotypes that people often bring to the team. Capitalizing on the opportunities and minimizing the challenges have become top priorities for today´s business leaders who are trying to compete successfully in a global business environment. Properly managed, diversity can be the corner stone for organizational success and personal development. Badly managed, though, it can lead to high financial and personal costs.

What are the opportunities associated with diverse workforce and how can female executives take advantage of them? Women leading a diverse workforce with high degrees of responsibility need to shift from the traditional face-to-face and direct supervision to alternative forms of relationships based on motivating through different currencies of influence such as allowing for flexibility, identity, excellence and purpose. When it comes to global leadership it is not the company policies and procedures that make a difference, it is the leader who is in direct contact with the people. 

This three day Global Leadership for Women Program will help talented female executives identify and develop their key leadership strengths as they move up the pipeline, lead strategic transformations, develop necessary skills for all levels, gain confidence and greater understanding of personal leadership and change management.  Leadership is about knowing yourself first and then empowering others to adapt successfully to change – and challenging yourself to grow continuously.

After three days of exchanging experiences and learning from influential business women with whom you will share insights and try out new ideas, you will leave with a new perspective on creating personal and professional change.  You will be inspired, refreshed and motivated to realize opportunities for yourself and your organization.

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