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Handling and Storage of Waste and Recycled Bulk Materials

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Contact Provider
Chatham Maritime
1 day course
Short Course
Engineers, maintenance personnel, managers and procurement executives with responsibility for obtaining and operating equipment for handling of biomass either alone or mixed with coal, in solid-fuel-fired power stations. Manufacturers of said equipment co
The University of Greenwich, Central Avenue, Chatham Maritime, ME4 4TB, Kent, United Kingdom

The processing of waste streams for the purposes of recycling or as a fuel source is an increasing activity in many sectors.  The economics for processing this type of bulk solids are firmly based on the efficient handling of very large volumes of input materials – which can only be achieved through design based on an understanding of the storage and reclaim behaviour of what are typically highly variable products.  The low value of the input material does not correlate to a low technology approach to attain trouble-free plant operation, as many installations have found to their cost! 


The course will make extensive use of industrial examples and case studies which will have points emphasised through the physical demonstrations of key concepts.

Subjects covered

This course will consider the following topics:

  • What are measurable bulk characteristics of waste and recycled bulk materials – how can these be defined contractually and operationally?
  • Implications of variation in fuel quality in pre and post combustion processes
  • How do the different bulk particles influence the approach to handling strategies?
  • Discharge behaviour commonly found in storage schemes and how to predict reclaim efficiency?
  • Options for transportation of bulk material.
  • Design options for modification to existing plant and new build considerations?
  • 'Future proofing' process plants for unknown input stock
  • Reclaim equipment design and operational characteristics for bunkers and silos
  • General trouble-shooting of handling problems

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