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Level 4 Certificate in Education and Training

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MKLC Training
MKLC Training
Available On Demand
3-6 Months Self-paced
Short Course (Online)
Person in a teaching/training position currently
Online / Distance Learning Course

Course Overview

 This is an online course and you have all the materials available for you. You will be required to carry out tasks to cover the assessment criteria for each unit. Some of these tasks may be a discussion or a reflective journal, whereas others may be asking you to produce evidence of your work as a teacher. Your tutor will provide feedback online where you have uploaded your work as well as sending you out a progress report with feedback telling you what else you need to do to complete the unit. You will be required to carry out thirty hours of teaching practice.

 Who is this course aimed at?

 This online course is best suited to those who are already in a teaching or training position. It is not suitable for those with no experience of teaching as they would be better accommodated in a classroom-based environment with teaching practice facilitated for them.

 Course Content


All units have a specified number of credits allocated to them. We deliver four mandatory units at level 4 in the context of CET, one at Level 3 (accredited if you have achieved the Award), and an option unit at Level 4.

Mandatory Units

Unit 1 – Understanding Roles, Responsibilities & Relationship in Education & Training –3 Credits

Unit 2 – Planning to Meet the Needs of Learners in Education & Training –3 Credits

Unit 3 – Delivering Education & Training - 6 Credits

Unit 4 – Assessing Learners in Education & Training –6 Credits

Unit 5 – Using Resources for Education & Training –3 Credits


Optional Unit

Unit 27 – Teaching in a Specialist Area –15 Credits


Teaching Practice

You are required to cover 30 hours of teaching practice. This should be logged and signed off by a line manager in your organisation. Within these 30 hours, you must produce 3 hours of observations of your teaching practice. These can be carried out in your own teaching environment, preferably over a period of time to show your progression. The observer can be your own line manager or a qualified teacher who can give you support. Teaching practice can also be video-recorded and sent to your tutor for observation. In some cases a Skype session may be possible but you will need to discuss with your tutor. We can also come to your workplace and carry out the observation ourselves, although this will be at an additional cost. It is advised that each observation should be 1 hour as the purpose is to show your progression. There is a minimum observation time of 30 minutes.

 You must be aged 19 or over.

We do recognise prior achievement but certificates must be forwarded to us for approval before starting the programme. Our policy is that the course is open to everyone who is capable of reaching the required standards.


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