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Fluid Mechanics and Loading on Marine Structures

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University of Portsmouth
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Cranfield University
School of Engineering
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5 days
Short Course
Engineers working or wishing to work in the traditional offshore industry, offshore renewable energy (wind, wave and tidal energy).
Cranfield University, College Road, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

The aim of this course is to provide a theoretical and applied understanding of fluid mechanics and fluid loading on offshore and sub-sea structures. Practical applications where the aerodynamic, the hydrostatic and hydrodynamic loads typically acting on marine structures (oil & gas, offshore renewable energy) are analysed and discussed.

The course is held over one week with theoretical lectures complemented by practical tutorial sessions and industry experience sharing sessions. All delegates will receive a Certificate of Attendance at the end of the course.

Course Objectives:

The course aims to give delegates the tools to manage problems of structures-fluid interactions. A theoretical background on basic fluid mechanics is given, followed by a focus on aerodynamic and hydrodynamic loading on structures, particularly offshore and sub-sea. It also aims to present the dynamics of floating bodies, from simple hydrostatics to complex dynamic response in waves.

Course Topics:

  • Principles of Fluid Dynamics:
    • Properties of Fluids
      • Control Volumes and Fluid Elements
      • Continuity
      • Momentum and Energy Equations
      • Stream Function and Velocity Potential
      • Bernoulli’s Equation.
    • Flow Structures
      • Boundary Layer Theory
      • Laminar and Turbulent Flow
      • Steady and Unsteady Flow
      • Flow Breakdown and Separations
      • Vortex Formation and Stability
    • Lifting Flows
      • Circulation Theory
      • Prandtl’s Lifting-Line Theory
      • Sources of Drag
      • Aerofoil Characteristics
    • Wind Speed Profiles And Distributions
    • Fluid Loading On Horizontal And Vertical Axis Turbines
  • Dynamics of Floating Bodies: (From Simple Hydrostatics to Complex Dynamic Response in Waves)
    • Gravity Wave Theories
    • Ocean Waves as a Random Process
    • Hydrostatics of Floating Bodies
      • Buoyancy Forces And Stability
      • Initial Stability
      • The Wall Sided Formula And Large Angle Stability
      • Stability Losses
      • The Pressure Integration Techniqu
    • Fluid Loading on Offshore Structures and Ocean Waves Theory:
      • The Added Mass Concept
      • Froude Krylov Force
      • Linear Wave Theory
      • Wave Loading (Diffraction Theory & Morison Equation
    • Dynamics Response Of Floating Structures In Waves
      • Dynamic Response Analysis
      • Application To Floating Bodies (Buoys, Semisub, TLP)
      • Effect Of Moorings

Who should attend?
Engineers working or wishing to work in the traditional offshore industry, offshore renewable energy (wind, wave and tidal energy).

  • Design engineers
  • Dynamics modelling engineers
  • Test engineers
  • Mechanical engineers
  • Offshore oil & gas support structures design engineers
  • Offshore wind turbine support structures engineers
  • Research engineers
  • Certification engineers
  • Design and technical management personnel

*Please Note: Dates provided are provisional and will be confirmed shortly.

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