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Vector Population Biology & Control

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4 weeks
Short Course
A knowledge of Parasitology & Vector Biology is required.
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Pembroke Place, Liverpool, L3 5QA, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Introduction This course aims to provide students with knowledge and critical understanding of population biology as applied to vector ecology with an emphasis on the practical methods used and the relevance for epidemiology and control.

Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  1. Explain how ecological techniques are used to investigate vector population dynamics and how this knowledge can be applied to control
  2. Discuss key principles of population genetics and population structure, the methods available for their study and their relevance for vector control
  3. Explain how the principal genetic, chemical, biological and physical methods of control for vectors are carried out and discuss their limitations
  4. Discuss the major forms of insecticide resistance, their genetic and bio-chemical basis and their impact on control operations
  5. Evaluate the importance of vector control in relation to other methods, including chemotherapy and vaccines

Pre-requisites A knowledge of Parasitology and Vector Biology is required.


A Complete Learning Package


Course Outline

  • Age structure and life tables
  • Reproductive rates
  • Density dependent and independent processes
  • Competition within and between species
  • Epidemiological models
  • Key concepts in population genetics and their relevance
  • Field sampling of insect vector groups

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