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Immunology of Tropical Diseases

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Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Infectious Diseases
University of Oxford
Department for Continuing Education

MSc in Paediatric Infectious Diseases
University of Oxford
Department for Continuing Education

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4 weeks
Short Course
A knowledge of Parasitology & Vector Biology is required.
Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, Pembroke Place, Liverpool, L3 5QA, Merseyside, United Kingdom

Programme Introduction This course aims to provide students with knowledge and critical understanding of the interaction of eukaryotic parasites with the immune system of humans and other mammalian hosts and to examine ways in which protection against these diseases might be achieved by vaccination.

Learning Outcomes Upon successful completion of this module, students will be able to:

  1. Explain the nature of humoral and cell-mediated immune responses to parasitic infections
  2. Discuss the role of cytokines in the modulation of anti-parasitic responses
  3. Explain why inappropriate immune responses can have undesirable immune-pathological consequences
  4. Discuss immune evasion strategies that parasites employ and explain their significance to chronic infection
  5. Use current research to explain how anti-parasite vaccination might be achieved
  6. Apply a range of immunological techniques and critically interpret the outcomes

Pre-requisites A knowledge of Parasitology & Vector Biology is required.


A Complete Learning Package


Course Outline

  • Immune responses to protozoan infections (malaria, leishmaniasis, trypanosomiasis)
  • Antigenic variation and diversity in malaria; antigenic variation in African trypanosomes
  • Immunopathology of protozoan and helminth infections
  • Immune responses to helminth infections (schistosomiasis, filarial nematodes, intestinal nematodes, cestodes)
  • Helminth evasion and modulation of immune responses
  • Approaches to vaccination against protozoan and helminth infections
  • Use of immunological methods for the diagnosis of parasitic infections

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