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Course Details

Flow Cytometry; Colour Compensation (10 Credits)

Newcastle University
Contact Provider
Newcastle upon Tyne
2 days direct teaching (plus independent study)
Biomedical Scientists and Researchers
Flow Cytometry Facility, Newcastle University, International Centre for Life, Central Parkway, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 3BZ, Tyne and Wear, United Kingdom

This module aims to provide an understanding of the principles, concepts and technology of flow cytometry and the various functions that these technologies can fulfil in a clinical and research setting. Students will begin by getting a thorough theoretical grounding and then move on to supervised hands-on experience of the instruments and experiments – including both basic and advanced multi-coloured experiments.

The main topics Students will cover will include:

  1. Theory for optimal PMT settings
  2. The use of Isotope controls and alternate strategies
  3. The use of FMO controls
  4. Instrument configurations and selection of complimentary fluorochromes & dyes
  5. Spectral overlap differences within product ranges
  6. How to view and control colour compensation
  7. A practical demonstration
  8. Instrument set up & QC
  9. Voltage setting
  10. Fluorochrome choice
  11. Sample experiments from 2 to 8 colour compensation

This course includes two days face to face teaching based at the Flow Cytometry Facility at the Centre for Life Building in Central Newcastle. Course run regularly throughout the year (every 3 months) and student numbers are kept low to enable individual teaching and supervision. It is envisioned that following this module participants will be fully equipped to use flow cytometry in their workplaces with a high degree of confidence and competency.

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