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Qualitative Software Planning Seminar (1/2 day)

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Qualitative Research Methods
University of Birmingham
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Qualitative Research Methods (2) June 2019
University of Oxford
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University of Surrey
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1 day
Short Course
(See Description)
The course is primarily designed for researchers with little or no experience of qualitative interviewing.
Manchester University, Manchester, M13 9PL, Lancashire, United Kingdom

Speaker: Christina Silver

Choosing the appropriate analysis software package is an important part of planning any qualitative or mixed method research project. There are a range of options available, but it is not always easy to visualise exactly what a package offers when exploring it for the first time yourself. Equally when asking someone else for their opinion, it is not always easy to know what questions you should be asking. Most of the software packages, which help the researcher to manage qualitative data, are excellent products in one way or several!

This seminar will help you make an informed choice between products.

Some researchers choose the package that is already in situ and make good use of it. But if you have a choice about what to purchase for your research project, you may be in some uncertainty about how to proceed. You may have basic understanding about what a CAQDAS package will do, but differences between what each package offers are subtle, but significantly different.
The CAQDAS Networking Project website provides a range of materials that highlight important considerations in the decision-making process.
This seminar builds on this information, discussing the issues to a more advanced level. The range of products are described and compared, their methodological benefits and weaknesses appraised, practical utility and illustrated using data from a range of research studies.

Topics covered include: Handling 'data': data organisation - Closeness to data - Output/reporting - Coding and alternative ways of handling analysis – Complex interrogation of data - Expressing ideas in visual ways - Transportation of projects - Team work logistics.

The seminar is structured in such a way as to foster discussion and debate and participants are encouraged to come along with questions to generate discussion during the seminar about their project and its requirements.

Participants are not expected to have a working knowledge of any CAQDAS package, but some may have (limited) experience of one or more. Participants with a clear conception of their methodology and analytic needs will find the seminar of particular use in subsequently making an informed choice. Participants are encouraged to read the materials available on the CAQDAS Networking Project website before attending the seminar and to attend with relevant questions concerning their own project and analytic needs.

Admission Price: Free


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