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Soil Erosion Control for Catchment Management

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Short Course
Cranfield University, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

5 day course

Course overview

The control of water pollution and sedimentation needs to be based on the correct identification of source areas of sediment, a knowledge of the processes by which water and sediment are moved over the land surface, and an understanding of how these processes are affected by the physical environment and socio-economic factors.  Soil conservation can be achieved through catchment management by targeting erosion control measures at critical locations in the landscape, producing appropriate designs and gaining the support of interested groups and organisations for their implementationCourse description.

Course description

 Runoff and sediment production in drainage basins; erosion processes - mechanics of raindrop splash, overland flow, rill flow, gully erosion; sediment delivery to water bodies; strategies for erosion control

  • Rainfall erosivity
  • Soil erodibility
  • Soil loss prediction: USLE; Modified MMF; SERAM-DST 
  • Land use planning
  • Soil conservation planning integrating technical and consultation-based multi-stakeholder approaches
  • Soil erosion control by engineering structures (terraces and waterways), agronomic methods on arable and grassland, soil management, including conservation tillage techniques; agroforestry; gully erosion control.

On successful completion of this module the delegate will be able to:

  1. Understand the processes of soil erosion, and of sediment transport and deposition.
  2. Appreciate the environmental impacts of soil erosion, and the need for erosion control and soil conservation.
  3. Evaluate erosion risk in a catchment and identify potential sources and sinks of sediment.
  4. Make appropriate decisions on erosion control, based on a fundamental understanding of the processes.
  5. Select appropriate input parameter values to apply erosion models to predict current erosion status and evaluate different conservation measures.
  6. Design an erosion control strategy for an individual farm, taking account of its location within a catchment and socio-economic conditions.
  7. Gain experience of managing a soil conservation project, set by an external client, which requires, using problem solving techniques, writing a consultancy-style report and meeting deadlines set.

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