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Land Engineering and Water Management

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Short Course
Cranfield University, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

5 day course

Course overview

In agricultural soil management and in the reclamation of degraded land, improvement must be managed from a base understanding of fundamental properties of soil and water, including basic hydrology, hydraulics and geotechnics. This enables land managers to classify land according to capability and allows for landscape risk assessment. It is the basis also for management of projects involving land forming, reclamation or protection which require selection, design and engineering of appropriate structures.

Course description

  • hydrology; peak and catchment yield, design of run off
  • hydraulics calculation of channel discharge capacity using Mannings Equation. The design of channels, weirs, spillways, culverts and control structures
  • slope stability – the mechanisms of slope failure - the stability of shallow and deep slope failures, Taylors stability numbers
  • landscape design, land forming, earth moving and landscape modification
  • top and sub soil management and vegetation establishment
  • design of earth embankment storage dams
  • concept of land capability and land quality, criteria used for assessing land capability and its classification, USDA scheme, Canadian Land Inventory
  • drainage design: types of drainage problems and their recognition
  • investigation of land drainage status
  • the role and design of surface and sub surface drainage systems - the role of mole drainage.

On successful completion of this course the delegate will be able to:

  • Calculate run off and yield for catchment.
  • Design channels and simple hydraulic structures.
  • Understand the concept of land capability and carry out land capability classification.
  • Calculate the stability of slopes and design of simple supports.
  • Understand the principles of soil handling and management for landscaping.
  • Design, specify and set out earthworks for landforming and landscaping.
  • Design surface and sub-surface drainage systems.

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