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Leading Through Change: Voluntary and Community Leaders - 19th February 2014

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Leading Through Change: Voluntary and Community Leaders

The voluntary and community sectors are experiencing a vast amount of change. Public funding cuts, reduced donations and rising costs coupled with an increased demand on services poses challenges for sector leaders.

Successful organisations inevitably have strong leaders, whether an individual or the board of trustees. These leaders have a clear vision, and can communicate this effectively to staff as well as making sure that it is actionable. These leaders are compassionate but aware of the commercial environment, they understand the need to generate surpluses to be sustainable, but happy to dip into them on occasion to invest in the future – and they constantly seek ways to improve services.

The third sector has a strong future ahead and an essential role to play in UK society. For organisations that do adapt and survive in the difficult years ahead, there will be opportunities for growth, and they are likely to come out of it all the stronger.

Understanding your organisation, including its workforce and how it operates, is essential if you are going to break down silos and barriers and learn how to work cooperatively and collaboratively both within and between your organisations’ to the benefit of those who you serve. 'Leading Through Change' will help you do just that, and will provide you with the necessary tools that you can take back to your organisation and implement to the benefit of both employees, beneficiaries, and key stakeholders. Delegates will be left with a foundation upon which they can build a leadership framework that can be rolled out more extensively moving forward.

Those who attend on these days will return to their workplace with the basic tools that will allow them to:

  • Harness the leadership potential and talent you have across your organisation
  • Build shared responsibility within a hospital
  • Demonstrate appropriate behaviour across all levels of an organisation
  • Develop and empower the leadership capacity of colleagues
  • Seek to contribute to the leadership process
  • Draw upon their values, strengths and abilities to deliver high standards of service


Organisational Culture

The Organisational Culture Session will focus on the need for a constructive organisational culture and what factors or behaviours hinder this development. Culture is to organisations what personality is to people. Not necessarily visible in the organisation or individual, culture nevertheless has a tremendous impact, both on those concerned and on the results they produce. Using a researched and benchmarked Culture measurement tool, participants will be able to access an easily understandable and measurable picture of how stakeholders view the current culture and how they would like the culture to be.

High Impact leadership

The High Impact leadership session will focus on:

  • Understanding how leaders shape the performance of others in their organisation and the impact they have on culture.
  • Leaders becoming more self-aware and therefore accepting why and where development is needed.
  • The leader’s thought patterns, their impact on their team and identifying new strategies to address these.
  • Participants will use a measurement tool to assess their own behaviours and characteristics as these have an impact on their own leadership styles

Team Effectiveness

The Team Effectiveness session focuses on getting individuals, teams and the organisation aligned around a clear and inspiring purpose and vision. The main points to be covered include: 

  • Being clear and committed on how people want to work together, including the collective leadership impact measures and the desired behaviours necessary to contribute to a constructive organisational culture.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the team’s purpose, including what uniquely makes them a partner of choice.
  • Clarifying who their stakeholders are and exploring their needs with them.
  • Developing an inspiring and engaging definition of success for the team.
  • Taking accountability at the relevant organisational levels for achieving the desired outcomes.
  • As a group participants will engage in a team problem-solving exercise and subsequent diagnostic that offers insights into how a group functions


Learning Outcomes

Effective leadership does not happen by chance, it needs to be nurtured. This one day course is aimed at all Voluntary and Community Leaders who want to develop the knowledge, skills and qualities to be an effective leader, and will enable you to:

  • Transform service outcomes at a local level
  • Understand your organisation and become an effective leader
  • Explore the challenges and opportunities to influence behaviour which impacts on key outcomes

Leading through Change: Voluntary and Community Leaders, in association with The Pacific Institute is run on a single day with the opportunity to receive additional training.

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