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Executive Leadership Programme - start date: 12th February 2014

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Salford Professional Development
Contact Provider
1 day over 3 months
Bespoke Course
£5,250.00 (See Description)
Executives, Managers, Leaders, Board Members
Salford Professional Development , Faraday House , University of Salford , Salford, M5 4WT, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

The Executive Leadership Programme is a unique development offering for senior leaders. It provides the maximum personal and business benefit from a minimum and realistic time investment.

Working with a world-class consultant, the programme enables you to reflect upon your contribution as a leader, and to develop a fresh perspective on your organisation. On completion of the programme, participants will be able to embed their learning and see immediate benefits.

What benefits will the programme provide for you?

Benefits will include:

  • Practical solutions to leading change and innovation
  • An enhanced ability to build high-quality stakeholder relationships
  • Participants will be able to access an easily understandable and measurable picture of how colleagues view the current culture and how they would like the culture to be.
  • Understanding how leaders shape the performance of others in their organisation and the impact they have on culture.
  • Leaders becoming more self-aware and therefore understanding why and where development is needed.
  • Awareness of the leader’s thought patterns, their impact on their team and identifying new strategies to address these.
  • Participants will use a measurement tool to assess their own behaviours and characteristics as these have an impact on their own leadership styles
  • Being clear and committed on how people want to work together, including the collective leadership impact measures and the desired behaviours necessary to contribute to a constructive organisational culture.
  • Gaining a deeper understanding of the team’s purpose
  • Clarifying who their stakeholders are and exploring their needs with them.
  • Developing an inspiring and engaging definition of success for the team.
  • Taking accountability at the relevant organisational levels for achieving the desired outcomes.

    What is the programme about?

The Executive Leadership Programme is an integrated senior leadership development experience that incorporates

  • An engaging combination of interactive seminar discussions, syndicate work, individual diagnostics , and business projects
  • Profiling questionnaires that offer new insights into your business leadership style and impact
  • One-to-one coaching to support your transition in business outlook and leadership behaviour
  • Creation of a development plan with clear objectives , activities and timescales that ensures the successful application of learning to your business context
  • Focusing on practical skills and real outcomes throughout, the programme is designed to ensure you can always relate the content directly to yourself and your business’s current performance and future success. Core themes include:
  • Leadership at top and senior levels
  • Distinguishing strategy from operations
  • Organisational structure and culture
  • Building and implementing business strategy
  • Sustainable business
  • Making people truly central to business strategy
  • Managing knowledge to create strategic innovation
  • Organisational change and the constructive management of organisational politics

The Executive Leadership Programme - Structure

The full programme runs over 9 days (3 x 3 day courses)

Delegates that attend the full programme will receive 1 day of exclusive one-to-one executive coaching and mentoring.

Course Date Options

Time away from the business is a significant investment for anyone in a business leadership position. The programme is carefully designed to provide the maximum benefit in the shortest and most realistic time possible, with the flexibility of delivery over a manageable period of time.

Course I) Leading through Change (3 Days)

22nd January 2014 - 24th January 2014 (University of Salford)

12th February 2014 - 14th February 2014 (University of Salford)

12th March 2014 - 14th March 2014 (University of Salford)

Course II) From Potential to performance (3 Days)

26th March 2014 - 28th March 2014 (University of Salford)  

9th April 2014 - 11th April 2014 (University of Salford)

7th May 2014 - 9th May 2014 (University of Salford)

Course III) The Process of Transition (3 Days)

21st May 2014 - 23rd May 2014 (University of Salford)

11th June 2014 - 13th June 2014 (University of Salford)

9th July 2014 - 11th July 2014 (University of Salford)

*All delegates that complete the full programme will get 1 day of exclusive one-to-one executive coaching and mentoring. 


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