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Ecosystem Based Management Training Course at SAMS

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Short Course
The course will assume no prior knowledge of food-web modelling and is suitable for post-graduate students wishing to gain a solid introduction to ecosystem based management using the ecological modelling software, Ecopath with Ecosim, and its ecological
Scottish Association for Marine Science, Scottish Marine Institute, Dunbeg, Oban, PA37 1QA, Central Scotland, United Kingdom

2nd-4th June 2014

If you’re interested in constructing and interpreting ecosystem models using the ecological modelling software, Ecopath with Ecosim, this hands-on three-day course provides a solid introduction for you. 

Led by Dr Sheila Heymans of SAMS, who has worked extensively with Ecopath, Ecosim and Ecological Network Analysis, this course will give you the confidence to construct and interpret models of your own.

To find out more, or book your place, please [email protected] or call 01631 559000.

Other training courses are available, including Marine Invasive Species Identification, Algae Research and Mapping and GIS Training.  SAMS also has a number of postgraduate opportunities.   To find out more, visit

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