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Course Details

Advanced Cad/Cam

Lancaster University
Contact Provider
35 hours over 5 days
Short Course
Graduate engineers wishing to enhance CAD/CAM skills
Engineering Department , Lancaster University , Lancaster , LAI 4YR, Lancashire, United Kingdom


This course aims to give students an understanding of modern computer-integrated methods used in design and manufacture, including 3D methods. A combination of lectures and practical exercises are given so that students have a first hand experience of these methods and processes.

Learning Outcomes

At the end of this module students should be able to:

  • Describe common representations of 3D geometry
  • Describe examples of data exchange standards
  • Understand 2D and 3D NC machining methods
  • Manipulate some of the algebra associated with 3D surfaces and images
  • Create 3D designs using a combination of CAD/CAM facilities
  • Use Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to validate a simple design
  • Discuss current and future trends in computer integration in design and manufacture


CAD – 3D representations in CAD, solid and surface modelling, comparisons with 2D methods, spline curve and surface representations, parametric methods and data exchange standards. Use of computers in integrated design and manufacture teams. Practical exercises using AutoCAD14.

CAM – 3 and 5 axis machine types, 3D tool-path generation, surface finish issues, job planning, fixtures and tool types. Quality checking using co-ordinate measuring machines.

Practical exercises using CAMTEK’s Pepscut Surface Modeller and the Bridgport NC mill

Introduction to the use of the ANSYS finite element package in design. Practical exercises using ANSYS

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