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Course Details

EdD (Generic)

University of Exeter
Graduate School of Education
Contact Provider
You will be expected to have obtained a Masters degree or equivalent professional qualification, together with at least three years of relevant professional experience.
Exact location to be confirm. (Devon, United Kingdom)

The generic EdD route brings together professionals and policy-makers from across sectors that have traditionally been, and mostly remain, separated. These include:

  • early childhood education and care
  • schools and further education colleges
  • adult and community education
  • higher education
  • medical education
  • health and social care

It encourages the growth of a community of professional scholars with varied but complementary interests in exploring theories, policies and practices associated with education, training, teaching and learning at different stages in the life course, together with the complex, overlapping roles of professionals engaged in these processes.

"Further to the recent confirmation of my EdD, I should like to record my considerable thanks to all the members of the EdD team for their wisdom and generosity of spirit throughout the programme. It goes without saying that I hold the programme in high regard and will be giving it my highest recommendation to colleagues who express an interest in studying for a professional doctorate."

Our Philosophy

The Professional Doctorates Programme is founded in a model of co-operative learning and firmly embedded in the principles and practices of adult and professional education. It provides a safe but challenging space within a supportive community of peers for scholarly reflection on, and experiment with, new concepts and ideas, professional understandings of practice, and research skills.

We favour a style of interaction that places a great deal of emphasis on personal responsibility, self-awareness, recognition of the needs of others and open and honest communication. Our tutors aim to act as facilitators, helping you to develop the necessary critical distance from which: to review and evaluate research, theory, policy and practice; to examine and challenge your own professional practice and its relationship with theory and policy; and to design and undertake your own ethically-informed research.

"I'm a very social person, so the EdD was more attractive to me with its taught modules and the opportunity to meet interesting people from all over the world. The weekends when we all get together is more than a learning experience - it is an enjoyable break from my usual hectic routine and time well spent with an interesting and challenging group of peers"

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