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Course Details

What Sample Size Do I Need?

University of Reading
Statistical Services Centre
Contact Provider
1 day
Short Course
£305.00 (See Description)
See course description.
Statistical Services Centre, University of Reading, Harry Pitt Building, Earley Gate, Reading, RG6 6FN, Berkshire, United Kingdom

Course outline

Choosing an appropriate sample size is a common problem and should be given due consideration in any research proposal, as an inadequate sample size invariably leads to wasted resources. This course aims to give a practical introduction to sample size determination in the context of some commonly used significance tests.

Examples from a scientific background will be used to highlight the problems associated with sample size determination, and potential solutions suggested. Practical work will be based around the statistical computing packages Genstat, Minitab, SAS, and Stata. The more specialised packages nQuery Advisor and PASS may also be used. Formulae and algebraic notation will be kept to a minimum.

Who should attend?

Scientists and researchers who need to address the problem of sample size determination in planning a study. Participants will be assumed to have a working knowledge of sampling distributions, confidence intervals, t-tests and significance tests involving proportions. This material is covered in our course A Review of Basic Statistics.

How you will benefit

This course will give you a sound introduction to sample size determination. Opportunity will be given to participants to discuss general issues related to sample size.

Course content

  • Concepts of type I error, type II error and power in relation to significance tests
  • Pitfalls of having an inadequate sample size
  • Sample size determination for t-tests (one- and two-sample) and z-tests for proportions (one- and two-sample)
  • Practical problems associated with sample size determination and possible solutions
  • The role of confidence intervals
  • Why it can be difficult to determine sample size.

The cost of the course is £305 (£213.50 with academic discount)

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