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Introduction to Bioinformatics using Perl

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5 days
Short Course
The course is specifically tailored for biologists with little or no programming experience.
Cranfield University, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Course description

This course is designed for biologists on how to program and to apply various acquired skills in to interesting biological areas. The course consists of a good balance of lectures and hands-on practical sessions. Perl is introduced in a problem-driven way, by focusing on problem solving rather than syntax. We make introductory programming interesting by using interesting problems in biology.

Course outline:

Fundamentals of Perl programming

  • Introduction to Programming using Perl
  • Control Statements
  • Arrays and Hashes
  • Subroutines

Programming for biology

  • DNA sequence manipulation using Perl
  • Reading protein files
  • Biological data format

Database access and BioPerl

  • Introduction to databases
  • Data access using Perl CGI and DBI
  • BioPerl


On completion of this course, delegates will acquire a solid foundation in essential programming skills and a good understanding of Perl basics and its applications in biology.

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