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Occupational Medicine

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September 2022
6 months (part-time)
Postgraduate (Online)
Physicians looking to enhance understanding in Occupational Medicine, GP's who anticipate Occupational Medicine will take up less than 50% of their time and physicians looking to take the DOccMed examination.
Online / Distance Learning Course


The two units (Foundation for Postgraduate Practice and Fitness for Work) provide a basic level qualification aimed principally at GPs working part-time in occupational medicine, covering the main issues affecting health and work.

On completion of our course, you will have achieved a level of knowledge and competence appropriate to a generalist working in occupational health.

Please note that no formal academic qualification from the University is awarded at this level. Students are provided with a certificate of attendance, making the holder eligible to apply for the FOM DOccMed examinations.

More information about the course content can be found on the course details page. The course consists of two 15-credit units. 


The course aims to: 

  • provide an overview of the organisation of occupational health services in the UK;
  • explain the current health and safety at work legislation;
  • describe the common occupational hazards and diseases, their assessment and management;
  • introduce the disciplines of occupational hygiene, toxicology, epidemiology and ergonomics and equip you with some of the relevant practical skills;
  • extend your appreciation of the relevance of your clinical skills to the workplace environment;
  • encourage you to develop an active interest in occupational medicine and its relationship to your day-to-day work.


Start date:

Deadline for September 2021 entry is 13th September 2021. Teaching begins in October 2021. 

Full details can be seen on our website: 



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