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Advanced Professional Certificate In Construction Project Management

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25 per block
Short Course (Online)
£510.00 (See Description)
Architects and construction industry professionals and managers
Online / Distance Learning Course

This full distance learning course is structured in three 'blocks', each lasting approximately 4 weeks. It is run in real time and includes group work and weekly virtual meetings.

The course is accredited by the Association for Project Management for their PMQ and PPQ qualifications.

Block 1: Project Management Fundamental Processes, deals with the fundamental processes such as procuring building work, programming or scheduling work according to time requirements, roles and responsibilities, project structures. It is a basic ‘how to do it’ course, which tackles the nuts and bolts of basic project management tools and processes. Requires two days of attendance

Take-away: knowledge of the basic processes.

Block 2: Project Management Theory and Practice, takes the learning on a stage, and fleshes out the skeleton. For instance, it adds questions of resources to the techniques of programming or scheduling and shows you how to tune your project to a higher level of performance. It includes sessions on managing the supply chain. It creates an understanding of how the team might pull together to multiply its effectiveness. It increases the scope of project management study and completes coverage of the syllabus of the APM’s PMQ qualification. Requires two days of attendance

Take-away: Increased depth of knowledge and the foundations of competence laid.

Block 3: Project Management Competence, is largely about application of the principles and tools learned in Blocks 1 & 2. It also includes summary revision, robust review of effective practice and additional material to cover the syllabus of the APM’s PPQ exams, both the three core modules, and the elective exam on Project Management. Requires two days of attendance.

Take-away: considerably enhanced competence.

Fees per Block £510.00 inc VAT





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