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MSc Psychoanalytic Observation and Reflective Practice: Therapeutic Work With Children and Young People

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Our training courses for professionals working particularly in the NHS, social services, education, private practice and voluntary sector
142 West Nile Street, Glasgow, G1 2RQ, Strathclyde, United Kingdom


Psychoanalytic Observation and Reflective Practice: Therapeutic Work With Children and Young People (TWCYP)


This modular course offers an in-depth understanding of infants’, children’s and adolescents’ emotional and personality development, the significance of primary relationships and their relevance to working with these age groups and their families.


  • MSc Psychoanalytic Observation and Reflective Practice: Therapeutic Work With Children and Young People.
  • Certified by University of Strathclyde and Human Development Scotland.


  • The course is flexible, allowing modules to be taken singly or in combination, and is taught in small, multi-disciplinary groups.
  • The modular structure allows students to progress at their own pace to complete the whole course to Masters level or particular modules only.
  • Completing the course requires a minimum of two years part-time study for the Diploma and three years part-time study for the Masters.
  • Students wishing to complete the qualification in the minimum time should allocate the equivalent of two days per week, one for attending course seminars over three 10-week terms per year, and one for completing the associated course work.
  • It forms the pre-clinical part of the training in Child & Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy and some students choose to progress to this training.
  • Course teaching currently takes place on Wednesdays from 13:00 to 18:30.
  • Teaching takes place at the HDS training suite in central Glasgow.


  • A professional qualification requiring a minimum of one year’s training in: health; social work; education or child care e.g. residential or community care, counselling or the ‘therapies’, etc.
  • One year (minimum) post-qualifying experience in work with children, young people and their families.
  • Graduates who have undertaken considerable relevant voluntary work during their undergraduate years may also be considered.
  • Continuing professional direct work with children and/or young people throughout the course at a work setting that supports the work practice and observations necessary for the course requirements.
  • A capacity to reflect on oneself in relation to work and to others.


  • £999 per module or £2,997 for MSC module.
  • The University of Strathclyde registration fee is currently £406 per module. 
  • Fees are reviewed each year.
  • Our courses are not eligible for SAAS funding as we are not a publicly funded university.
  • Students on this course can apply for the HDS bursary.  If granted, it will be a small contribution towards tuition fees and will not cover the full amount of any module fee. Discounts may be available if you take the full 3 modules in one year.


  • The course runs from October to June during the 30-week academic year. Applications are invited throughout the year for the next in-take.



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