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Online Radicalisation Training: 'Zak'

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4 hours oveer 1 day
Short Course
Childcare professionals, GPs, nurses, social workers and teachers; anyone involved with the care or protection of children.
Centre for Child Protection, Medway, ME4 4AG, Kent, United Kingdom

Developed in partnership with Kent Police and Kent County Council, 'Zak' and 'Young Zak the Gamer' offers professionals training on key aspects of online radicalisation - gaining insight into the process and implications for the victim and groomer. 'Zak' is an interactive simulation, based on real cases and research.

Zak is designed for both professionals and young people. Identifying how young people are groomed online for the purposes of extremism, it follows the compelling and contemporary story of a young man and how he becomes involved with extremists. Through the use of a social media style interface, professionals are able to learn about grooming by tracking the behaviour of the groomer and see the implications for the victim.

Zak is a social media style simulation, enabling young people to protect themselves and their peers against online grooming and radicalisation. As they follow Zak's posts and messages on his timeline, they learn to analyse to spot early signs of grooming. Detailed answers and links to research in the comprehensive training pack provide background, insight and ongoing support. 

Young Zak the Gamer is a year 7 student in his first term at secondary school. Using a series of Vlogs on the ‘Wetube’ channel we see how, simply by talking online via a public vlog, young Zak compromises his safety by over sharing private information.  We see how he starts to be groom?ed for Radicalisation via online gaming. Learners are able to engage with the storyline and identify where online grooming may be taking place. Gamer Zak aims to develop young people’s critical thinking and encourages them to stay safe online. Gamer Zak can be used individually, in groups, or as part of a class or assembly lesson. There are questions for each Vlog to generate discussion around worksheets to gather evidence of teaching and learning.

This half-day training programme will take you through both simulations, highlighting the key learning points and equipping you with the skills and knowledge to identify and support vulnerable individuals engaging in high risk activity online. You will have the opportunity to use the 'Zak' simulation during the session and after the training you will be given free access to these resources and the comprehensive training pack for a year. You may then use the simulation with young people in group or one-to-one sessions or in the classroom.

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