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Sleep Medicine: Circadian Rhythm disruption and Sleep

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Short Course (Online)
This course will be of interest to a wide range of physicians (e.g. respiratory physicians, neurologists, psychiatrists, paediatricians, geriatricians, GPs), specialists who are focussed on ‘behavioural sleep medicine’ (e.g. clinical psychologists, neurop
Online / Distance Learning Course

The Sleep & Circadian Neuroscience Institute (SCNi), within The Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences (NDCN) is now offering an online programme in Sleep Medicine and in conjunction with this programme it is pleased to present standalone modules for those wishing to study only one or two aspects of the programme to facilitate professional practice. Modules will be available when they are running for the main programme and you will join the rest of the group at this time.

Programme details

This module will run for 7 academic weeks over the period Monday February 10th 2020 to March 29th 2020. It is expected that after completion of this module students will have:

  • developed knowledge of how to assess human circadian rhythms using subjective and objective methods;
  • understood the complex pathophysiology of circadian rhythm disruption;
  • understood the implications of misalignment between endogenous and exogenous factors in the development of circadian rhythm disruption;
  • described associations between circadian rhythm disruption and disease;
  • understood the treatment options available for circadian rhythm disruption and consider their mode of action.

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