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Sharpen Your Approach to Surgery – Practical Soft Tissue Surgery for GP’s

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Short Course
Veterinary Surgeons
The Clinical Skills Lab Manor Place, 204 Manor Place, Kennington, SE17 3BN, Greater London, United Kingdom

9th & 10th October 2019

This two day highly practical cadaver-based course will aim to boost your confidence in tackling common non-routine soft tissue surgeries within your practice. In each area we will discuss planning, equipment, technique and post-op care. Theory lectures will be followed by a chance to immediately practice the procedures on cadavers – allowing you to build surgical confidence and get to grips with cases that you may have previously avoided!

The course is suitable for any vet wishing to tackle new surgeries or update and improve their surgical skills; whether already in practice or returning to work.

Topics to be covered include

  • Ex lap and GIT surgery: systematic exploration, foreign bodies, enterotomy, anastamosis, and biopsy
  • Ear surgery: Lateral wall and vertical canal resection
  • Mass resection: planning and achieving margins
  • Traumatic wounds: practical decision making and management
  • Skin closure and reconstruction: rotation, advancement, and axial pattern flaps. Using passive and active drains in practice.

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