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Toxicology – What you need to know

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Cranfield University
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Two days in total
Short Course
This course is aimed at scientists in government, industry and academia who come into contact with human/mammalian toxicology data and require an improved understanding of toxicological concepts and principles.
Cranfield University, Cranfield, MK43 0AL, Bedfordshire, United Kingdom

Course overview

A two day course run by the Institute of Environment and Health at Cranfield University for scientists requiring knowledge and understanding of toxicological principles, enabling skilled assessment of toxicological literature and interaction with toxicology specialists.

Course description

The course will provide an introduction to the basic concepts of toxicology including toxicokinetics and target organ toxicity. Application of these principles to health risk assessment under a number of different exposure scenarios associated with industrial chemicals, pesticides, pharmaceuticals and food will also be explored.

Delegates will also be informed of toxicologically related aspects, including regulatory guidelines for toxicity testing of chemicals and integration of toxicological findings into risk assessment; consideration will be given to ethical issues surrounding these practices.

Guidance on the practice of critical review of toxicological literature will be given. This will be supported by a practical session on the evaluation of selected toxicological literature with examples of different toxicological aspects. Further experience in critical review is offered to delegates through attendance on the optional third day.

Throughout the course, specific areas of current toxicological concern, such as nanotoxicity and toxicity of mixtures, will be presented and discussed.

Course outline

Topics covered by the course include:

  • Basic concepts of toxicology and its application in health risk assessment
  • Toxicokinetics: the role and influence of absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) on chemical toxicity
  • Target organ toxicity: an overview of how chemicals have effects in particular ‘target’ organs, illustrated by some topical examples
  • Guidelines for toxicity testing: regulatory requirements for various purposes
  • In Vitro Toxicology
  • Review and evaluation of Toxicological studies and literature: practical sessions
  • Areas of current concern including: REACH, Endocrine disruption, Toxicology of mixtures, Human cancer, Nanotoxicology, Pesticides and Ethical considerations focusing on the 3Rs


The course will be delivered in the form of a two-day residential workshop by the Institute of Environment and Health (IEH) which functions as an independent organisation at Cranfield University. The Institute has, as its principal objective, the promulgation of better knowledge and understanding of the impact of environmental factors on human health and the wider environment.

The programme will be delivered by recognised experts in the field and will focus on the principles of toxicology and factors that affect toxic potential of chemicals, regulatory and ethical considerations, practical advice for analysis of toxicological literature and topics of current concern.

Accompanying lecture notes, which will be supplied both in electronic and hard copy paper format, will support the course throughout.

Reflecting the likely varied experience and background of the course delegates, the programme has a flexible structure to provide time for interactive questions and discussions throughout. This approach will allow each individual to achieve his or her own personal learning objectives.

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