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Course Details

Oracle Database 11g/12c: SQL Essentials

Weblearning Network
CPD Courses
Available On Demand
120 Hours over 6 Months
Bespoke Course (Online)
Application Developers, Database Administrator, Data Warehouse Analyst, Database Developer, Business Intelligence Developer, Functional Implementer, Project Manager, Support Engineer, Business Analysts
Online / Distance Learning Course

How this course is Organised

The Oracle Database 11g SQL Essentials course provides step-by-step instructions on how to perform a variety of SQL development tasks for activities based on real-life work scenarios. This course provides step-by-step instructions for SQL Database Application Development tasks using Oracle SQL Developer Tool. Students learn to build an Oracle Database and then develop database related applications using SQL.

This course introduces students to the fundamentals of SQL using Oracle Database 11g database technology. In this course students learn the concepts of relational databases and the powerful SQL programming language. This course provides the essential SQL skills that allow developers to write queries against single and multiple tables, manipulate data in tables, and create database objects.

The students also learn to use single row functions to customize output, use conversion functions and conditional expressions and use group functions to report aggregated data. Demonstrations and hands-on practice reinforce the fundamental concepts.

The WebLearning hands-on series reduces the time spent investigating what steps are required to perform a task. Because the step-by-step solutions are built for practical real world situations, not only is knowledge gained through valuable hands-on experience, but also the solutions presented may then be used as the foundation for production implementation, dramatically reducing time to deployment.

This course will assist in preparation for the Oracle Database Administration and Application Development OCP Certification exams.


Business Analysts
Functional Implementer
Semantic Layer Modellers
Database Administrators
Technical Consultant
Business Intelligence Developer
Application Developers

Familiarity with data processing concepts and techniques

Course Objectives:
Run data definition language (DDL) statements to create and manage schema objects
Identify the major structural components of the Oracle Database 11g
Retrieve row and column data from tables with the SELECT statement
Create reports of sorted and restricted data
Employ SQL functions to generate and retrieve customized data
Display data from multiple tables using the ANSI SQL 99 JOIN syntax
Create reports of aggregated data
Use the SET operators to create subsets of data
Run data manipulation statements (DML) to update data in the Oracle Database 11g

Course Topics:
Business Scenario
The Evolution of Oracle

Introduction to Databases and the Relational Model
Key Oracle DBMS Concepts
Data Modeling and Database Design
Stages of System Development
Basic Types of Data Relationships
The Role of Ordinality and Normalisation
Relational Database Components

Oracle Database11g Development Tools
Oracle SQL Developer
Navigate SQL Developer
Exploring Database Objects
SQL*Plus and SQL Workshop
Connecting to the SQL*Plus Interface

Introduction to Oracle Database11g
Oracle Database11g Options
Database Management Packs
Oracle Database11g Related Products

Oracle Database11g Architecture
Oracle Memory Structures
Oracle Background Processes
Oracle Disk Utilisation Structures
Application and Networking Architecture

Introduction to SQL
Understanding SQL Processing
Understanding the Optimizer
Embedded SQL

Data Definition Language
Creating a Database Connection
Creating Tables
Modifying Tables
Managing Constraints
Deleting Tables
Exploring Constraint Information

Data Manipulation Language
Creating Queries
Selecting Columns in a Table
Selecting Individual Columns in a Table

Using Column Aliases
Selecting Rows
Joining Tables
Using the ORDER BY Clause
Joining Tables with an ON Clause
Applying Conditions to a Join
Joining A Table To Itself
Understanding Outer Joins
Creating Outer Joins
Displaying Data From Multiple Tables
Selecting from the DUAL Table
Selecting SEQUENCE Values

Using Subqueries
Understanding Subqueries
Creating Subqueries
Creating Not-in-List Subqueries
Creating Does-Not-Exist (True or False) Subqueries
Creating Correlated Subqueries
Subquery Factoring

Working with UNIONS
Understanding UNIONS
Creating UNION Queries
Creating UNION ALL Queries

Using Functions
Using Character Functions
Using Numeric Functions
Using Date Functions
Formatting Dates
Using the NVL Function

Understanding Aggregate Functions
Using Group Functions
Using Group BY Function
Excluding Group Data With Having

Data Manipulation Language (DML) Statements
Inserting Data
Updating Single Row of Data
Updating Multiple Rows of Data
Using the FOR UPDATE Clause
Deleting Data
Using the WITH CHECK OPTION Clause
Commit and Rolling Back Transactions

Data Control Language
Database Security Model
Creating a Database User Account
Unlocking a Database User Account
Granting System Privileges
Granting System Privileges to User
Granting Object Privileges
Granting And Revoking Object Privileges
Granting And Revoking Object Privileges to User
Using Synonyms For Database Transparency


This is a 6 Months course and Includes a Free eBook and six months access to a personal Tutor for support on-line.

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