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Endoscopy in Birds and Reptiles - A 2-Day Practical Course

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Vets Now Referrals, Swindon, SN1 2NR, Wiltshire, United Kingdom

When presented with a bird or reptile, disease is often advanced and yet making a specific diagnosis can be extremely challenging.  In this course we will discuss aspects of avian and reptile husbandry and management, as so many cases are linked to poor husbandry.  We will then deal with history taking, visual and physical examination, clinical pathology testing and interpretation, anaesthesia, imaging and endoscopy, with the aim that once completed, delegates will be able to accurately access husbandry, form a realistic differential diagnosis list.  Then to be able to anaesthetise the patient, collect clinical pathology samples, interpret results, take standard radiology views and interpret them, to undertake a range of endoscopic examinations, with a view to achieving a definitive and specific diagnosis, in a timely, safe and effective manner so as to optimise prognosis for a full recovery.

On the first day the following topics will be covered in lectures and case presentations:

  • Avian Husbandry of standard avian groups
  • Reptile husbandry of standard reptile groups
  • Avian history collection, visual and physical examination
  • Reptile history collection, visual and physical examination
  • Avian anaesthesia, clinical pathology testing and interpretation
  • Reptile anaesthesia, clinical pathology testing and interpretation
  • Introduction to endoscopy
  • Maintaining Biosecurity in the Exotic Vet Facility

Frank and honest topical discussions will be encouraged during the dedicated question times, with speakers sharing their successes and failures in order to maximise the learning experience for all attending veterinarians. Day 1 will conclude with an optional course dinner which will give delegates the opportunity to get to know each other and to spend more time with the speakers.

On the second day, after a further introduction to endoscopy equipment and techniques, the 4-hour practical session will give attendees the opportunity to put theory into practice on cadaver specimens and to ask questions in small groups (2-5 attendees), all under the supervision of the course tutors.

Day 2 will finish with case discussions. Attendees will be encouraged to bring cases with them for discussion in this session.

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